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Clair Brennan Melodic Revolution Records  Every now and then, an artist comes along that you just can’t place - one who fuses many styles, one whose passionate melodic songs cry out with emotion and pastoral beauty. Introducing Clair Brennan - Raw, uncut, urban folk Clair Brennan Please Click on a play button to hear the songs - Like Christmas Rain  and Lemon Trees. Listen and enjoy-the one and only Clair Brennan.

There isn,t anyone who can write and perform songs Like Clair- Earl Chimay.

Melodic Revolution Records is thrilled to be working with British Urban Folk musician Clair Brennan on the release of her latest album Christmas Rain which is the follow up to her highly acclaimed album The Rising of the Phoenix. Clair has been described as one of the UK’s finest Singer & Songwriters. A star of the ‘Urban Folk’ genre. What a statement that is, we would also like to add that Clair’s music is powerful, majestic and filled with ripping emotion. Not since the late 60’s / early 70’s, has there been a female folk artist that could move the earth with her passion and voice.

Christmas Rain is a collection of re-mixes, live studio outtakes & a few seasonal songs not available on any other CD or Digital Album by Clair Brennan & The Rising.

Christmas Rain was Recorded by:
Clair Brennan: Vocals & Guitar, Ciprian Bolea: Violins, Christopher Bingham: Bass Guitars, Tim Harrison: Keyboard & Synth, Jon Aldersea: Drums and Will Allen: Additional Drum & Sequences.

Production Notes:
All songs written and arranged by Clair Brennan

Tracks 2 – 7 on Side 2 recorded live in the studio 

Released February 14, 2014
Format: 12″ LP  & Digital Download

A1. Christmas Rain (04:20)
A2. Dream Angel (03:37)
A3. Lemon Trees (03:55)
A4. Stolen Sun (03:58)
A5. The World Won’t Wait (03:16)
A6. Night Owl (05:01)
A7. Fall (04:04)
B1.Fallen Angel (01:55)
B2. I Love You Still / Beautiful People (08:34)
B3. So Far (02:37)
B4. Drifter (03:44)
B5. Chinese Whispers (02:59)
B6. I Say Goodbye (04:49)
B7. No E (01:54)
B8. Me Myself & I (03:17)

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carilcitymusic@hotmail.co.uk Clair,s Personal Facebook Page  https://www.facebook.com/clair.brennan.14